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  • Thank *Heavens* that season is over! Starting to get my energy back - feeling really positive about this coming year.
    Thank *Heavens* that season is over! Starting to get my energy back - feeling really positive about this coming year.
    Sorry I never got around to creating any graphics for you... We'll just have to see how busy I am for the rest of the year... another big festival is due in just under 2 months and I've pretty much depleted my stock at the last 4 festivals... I have a fair amount of work ahead of me... not to mention returning the restaurant to normal operation after a month absence! :-||
    I just may become more Facebook active now that I have such a convenient phone! The HTC Sensation is blowing my mind! =b
    Two festivals down... two to go. They've been a roaring success so far - much better than the previous year. Thankfully i have a few days now in which to recuperate before tackling the next one. I also have an HTC Sensation heading my way in a couple of days! *Squeeeee!* =^. ^=
    I've lost interest in the N8... I've now set my sights on the HTC Sensation! =3
    Everything has been repaired and is in better shape than ever! I'm only missing a few of my larger PNDs that I can't afford to re-download right now.
    Repairing my card is actually a good thing. Yes, I've lost time and money... but this has forced me to do a lot of clutter clearing and healthy organization. Taking longer than I thought it would though...
    Just lost all the data on my primary SD card... *breath deeply* *breath deeply*... but a solution could be just around the corner... o.o
    Entering phase 3 of Kaleidoscope development. New Ice Cream Freezer installed, restaurant layout changed, new deck underway... and numerous other tasks I've yet to adress (lots of signage and graphic work ahead of me - once the deck is built). It never ends I tell you!
    Good luck with that! :D
    Been doing the finances and cash up for the last two weeks today... x.x My god how I hate paperwork...
    Yesterday I made Vanilla and Passionfruit Ice Cream. Today I did some orgasmic Mango (it really is that good!) and now I'm onto Chocolate.
    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. XD
    Glad to be going back to Coffee Bay? Hard to say. Glad to have left Cape Town. Yes.
    Heading off for a big 10 day buying trip Mon 17 Jan. On my return (touch wood) I should *finaly* have some time to churn out some art. Here's hoping.
    wheel of morality, turn turn turn, tell us the lesson, that we should learn.....'if at first you don't succeed, blame it on your parents.' XD
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