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    Daredevil Vhs

    40p is the british equivilant of 40 cents.
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    For Sale: Gp32 Nlu + 128mb Smc + Carrying Case

    *SOLD* Purchased christmas 2003, pretty good condition. I can flash it with a new firmware. 50USD (obo) + shipping. I am in Canada. *SOLD*
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    Xgp - First Pictures

    Definately UT2003/04. Its one of the robots holding a minigun in the big pictures and you can see the click to start message on the bottom of the screen. But these are just renders.
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    Gpx2 Slashdotted

    Prepare for the morons.
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    Gpx2 Linux Games

    Frozen Bubbles Super Tux
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    Gpx2 Unvailed!!

    Exactly! That's what makes me not worry. It says that right on the site and they even have the suggestion section. They really don't want to screw this one up.
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    I thought you don't like cliches...
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    How Did You Found Out About The Gp32?

    I don't remmeber exactly. All I remmember is comming to GP32x for a while and then getting a non-lit for christmas.
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    Gamepark Named Newgp32 Xgp ?

    IIRC, there is a pretty promising GBA Emulator already out on the GP32. By enf65
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    Gamepark Named Newgp32 Xgp ?

    Craig if those are the specs of the next GP32 I'm ready to buy!
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    Non-lit Gp32 200mhz With 128mb Card.

    Shipping to anywhere is possible :) As long as you can pay the shipping (I calculated that the shipping to germany would be about 20 Canadian before). It overclocks very nice and looks nice in the sun. I replied to your PM.
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    Non-lit Gp32 200mhz With 128mb Card.

    Somebody from germany inquired but hasn't replied since (that was about two days ago).
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    Non-lit Gp32 200mhz With 128mb Card.

    Hi, I haven't touched my Non-Lit GP32 in ages and want to sell it. It overclocks to 200+Mhz and is in good condition. I'm also selling the 128MB card with it and the GBA carrying case I've been using. I'm thinking its worth about 130$ US. PM me with any offers.
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    Gbax 2005 Scene Party

    I live in Canada and can't go. Should I feel bad??
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    New Family Guy Leaked

    I'm gonna wait a week to watch it along with the new American Dad episode.