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    Finalizing the PCBs

    great news ed!!!! I keep us posted. And some vids on youtube would be nice to show us the PCB, or a video making the first preorder console:)
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    free PC games (steam)

    Yess. Please. I would like it for a friend of mine, so we can Team up online. Pm me if you still have it!
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    Vienna is worth a trip!

    offtopic. Best Vienna Cover imo. ED. Thanks for the update. Thanks for al the inside info. always great to read what's going on!
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    Tweaking and Finalizing

    Your Smile says it all. great to see this so complete
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    Looking for GP2X/Wiz material

    On my site I have some Pics of my old collection before I sold the stuff. Here is the Direct Link:
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    JXD S192

    No problem I will do that asap. More requests on fora to write a review. I'm really happy I can take my games with me. And I just can't use a onscreen joypad, like on normal tablets. Doesn't work imo. No virtual sticks and buttons for me :D This is lika a Nvidia Shield Portable, but with a...
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    JXD S192

    After 7 months waiting (pre-order got delayed for 5 months) Got this gaming device. Display Material Full HD Retina display Size 7 inches (diagonal) Resolution 1920*1200 323ppi Processor CPU NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core, 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A15 GPU NVIDIA Kepler GPU, 192 CUDA cores Capacity...
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    First newspost coming FROM the Pyra!

    Great news ED. I really like to see your prototype in action.
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    free PC games (steam)

    Thanks guys for the 2 games, I checked them out, I really like thos games. Thumbs up for sharing your keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    Oktober 2016
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    It's yummy. But you can't eat it!

    Great to see this prototype alive and running. Please share more on youtube, better to check with a good sigar, than text ;-)
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    And suddenly it works.

    I'm really excited about this. Can't wait for some video spamming from ED on Youtube
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    free PC games (steam)

    Fzero You still got:SkyDrift and mr-Loon Orborun? I would like them please
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    Next huge milestone reached!

    Yup, Me too. Can't be too long now i guess
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    Let's talk colors!

    I like the dark Silver look like this Car. Black or normal silver is soooo pandora ;) And for my wife a Pink Hello Kitty look please hahahahaa