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    Pandora not booting up after zaxoon screen.

    Yeah this is what I'm saying but he says it's not working. I'm still waiting for another replie.
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    Pandora not booting up after zaxoon screen.

    Yeah apparently he has tried without the card same problem. I've told him to format using the Panasonic formatter then try the recovery again. The option for reboot using sd1 was not there. I've yet to hear a replie as of yet.
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    Pandora not booting up after zaxoon screen.

    Hi guys I sold my pandora and the buyer is claiming that the screen won't boot after the zaxoon screen. Any ideas what could be going wrong? Can I have a step by step (for a noob) to fix this. It was working before I sold it but I did format the sd card. When you try to do a flash can the...
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    [SOLD] Pandora Reduction £250 on ebay.

    yeah now sold sorry
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    Pandora Reduction £250 On Ebay sorry guys now sold, not sure how to edit title.
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    [SOLD] Pandora Reduction £250 on ebay.
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    Pandora For Sale

    3hours left guys, make me an offer!!
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    Pandora now on ebay if interested.

    3 hours left, come on guys make me an offer!
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    Pandora For Sale

    Hey guys selling my pandora on eBay now if interested. Cheers
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    Pandora now on ebay if interested.

    My pandora is now up on ebay
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    Release Amiga UAE4ALL

    I have the same nub problem. Also when you exit using the pandora key on mini menu the emulator screen stays whilst mini menu runs in the background, forcing a restart.
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    Release The Goonies Remake

    So am thanks a bunch for your efforts
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    3DS Friend Codes Here!

    Here is mine 3866-8003-9220
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    Release Hotfix 5 released!

    I've updated with the pnd, and it was deffinately not there before. Depending on the background it varies on how well you can see it, but ghosting is worse. Would a flash install help you think?
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    Release Hotfix 5 released!

    Ok this hot fix has totally messed up the colour or something. It's hard to explain when playing sensi soccer or Mario when the screen moves you can see faint lines going across the screen. Also when you bring the gamma settings up if you scroll through them with the dpad you can see that the...