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    pandian - MARK3 - beta

    Glad I'm not the only one that can't get (external) wifi working. Loaded the realtek module and started usb but nothing. Wanted to try out debian on pandora tonight but couldn't do much without an internet connection. And I forgot to put back the internal wifi antenna a few years ago when I...
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    Black or silver?

    My silver CC got really scratched, it scratches really easily, just by looking at it. And it's very noticeable on the silver pandora. I would higly, highly recommend to also buy the carrying case if you don't have it already...  I ordered a black case replacement to get a fresh new look...
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    And today...  Tetris the Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct :)
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    So..... I got a new room-mate today. :) Sega Blast City arcade cabinet with tri-sync monitor/chassis (nanao ms2931) Tetris the Grand Master (TGM) by Arika I don't think I'll sleep tonight...
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    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    July 18th. 2016.
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    What game or feature are you excited to try out on the Pyra?

    Nothing in terms of games. I'm more excited about a 720p display for desktop and development purposes. And debian repositories with the ability to install whichever DE/WM I prefer. Office/Web browser applications and IDEs such as Code::Blocks will be much more useful with that extra space...
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    Day of the Pandora is approaching.

    On the Day of the Pandora, ED will open the real pandora's box and we are all DOOMED. No.. It's ED himself that IS the pandora's box. It all makes perfect sense.... Pyra, fire themed. Dragons spit fire. He is EVIL dragon after all. :( ... RUN  :ph34r:
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    free PC games (steam)

    SPAZ or Puddle still available?
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    Logo twerking

    Since the first time, and every time after... :)
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    Release ManiaDrive

    I'm considering the fact that ptitSeb is not human - but an automated porting robot that fills up the repo with new games for us. ;) Great to see another one. 
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    [ New Pandora Use ] flashenv

    Finally got around to installing flashenv. Looking at the wiki compat list, terry cavanagh's "maverickbird" is green and somehow someone got it working. For me all I get is a black screen though. I don't know if it matters in this case but I have a classic 256M unit. And I'm on SZ 1.60 with...
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    Release Bobobot

    This game is HARD! :o (but enjoyable)
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    Easy way to indentify where a pnd is going to in the menu

    I think that's the category/sub-category entries in the xml. They should be visible on the repo-page as well. Have a look at this: Simply unmounting and remounting the SD-card should be enough if it doesn't appear. 
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    This is What the Pyra May Look Like...

    Mainly, I'm wondering about the headphones connection one, is that where it's planned to be? I know there was discussion about it being on the sides, which would be better positioning for when it's in the pocket and used as music player. I hoped that would be how it was done, but from that...
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    This is What the Pyra May Look Like...

    That looks good for a first prototype. I notice a screwhole at the center of the hinge, will that prevent the "gap" that often occurs on the pandora between the bottom of the frame and the lcd?