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    Final preorders, action required

    Who am I PMing about what again?
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    Final preorders, action required

    Think I'll get an email eventually?
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    XSS Vulnerability?

    There was an update to the version of the forum we're using posted in July that fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Will it be updated, or what?
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread
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    Calvin and Hobbes...

    Still hurts.
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    GamesCom 2011

    Did you see Simon and Lewis?
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    A plea to those without avatars

    Hipster forumgoer: Had an avatar before they where asked for.
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    Is it possible for a Pandora to be used as a controller for a PC?

    I wonder which would be easier: writing usb drivers so that the PC could see it directly as a controller/keyboard/mic/mouse/whatever or writing a TCP based server/client for controls.
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    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    We're all Zelda fans, right?
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    Show us your (PC / Laptop) Desktop!

    With and without stuff.
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    Help! Windows keeps eating my copypasta!

    So... You can't boot Knoppix?
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    Pandora on OpenPandora

    I congratulate you on finding you lulz.
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    Stripped down Pandora "light"?

    Pandora light.
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    Pc games to be ported

    Maybe you should ask the devs of those games. They might if you say please.