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    Steam got hacked/glitched, accounts are accessible by anyone randomly
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    Welcome to the new OpenPandora / Pyra / GP32X Boards!

    Had to log in with my old GP32X password, lucky I had that close by still..!
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    Linux suggestions? Where do we all migrate after Linux? :)
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    Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

    Famous Disney artist Glen Keane demonstrates drawing some of his creations in VR space, with one of the HTC/Valve VR headsets: Glen Keane - Step into the page Imagine virtual scuplture, then sending your approved final file to a CNC machine at some quarry and having your final product cut from...
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    text adventure recommendtions

    Moonmist - far from the hardest or most complex, but great atmosphere, and novel against-the-clock approach, with several possible culprits.
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    SuperZaxxon v1.72 released

    Possibly stupid question, but is the pandora-rootfs.tar.bz2 version the latest 1.72 (non RC) version? It's dated 09-07-2015, same as 1.72RC full flash. Thanks yet again for this!
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    SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    I'm a few weeks late noticing it, but SCEE are running another competition with huge swag on offer (and lower tier prizes). FULLY LOADED TURBO 6 PS4 Special editions (inc 20th anniversary edition and new 1tb model) 43-inch and a 55-inch...
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    Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

    Rollercoaster demos, Wingsuit games - all the rest, gave me no problems at all. You get that 'sinking feeling' frequently, but nothing more than light-headedness after those. Having said that, some people do react badly to the flying ones too, but not me. Doom is a completely different story...
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    Should've been 'Pou-On'.
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    Anybody considering picking up an Oculus Rift..?

    Yes, I mentioned several pages back that I've been playing Doom and the Hexen games with it - but be warned, of all the things I've run on the DK2, the Doom games are the hardest to cope with (nausea) because of the frenetic movement and bobbing walk motion. Duke Nukem is a bit better on that...
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    Lenovo - WTF?

    Still rolling along -
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    Windows 10

    This bothers me too. Even if MS have no intention to do something like this, once a few 'interested parties' realise that such a thing is possible in the dominant (presumably) OS, I can imagine their arms being twisted to try to make the use of certain programs 'geo-blocked'. In this case, even...
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    Windows 10

    The whole mandatory update business repels me. As I understand it, only the premium paid-up business version users can 'postpone' updates?
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    If you could own two of your drem cars (modern and classic) what would they be?

    Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole, White, with the rear wing. (Example) and off the top of my head, a Ferrari 288 GTO. (Example) It's a list I could extend into triple digits though.
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    (Re: Adam Sandler)