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    It's software this time!

    SATA adaptor, yes please.
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    Where are we now?

    I would love that too. It's one of the things that made the Pyra stand out for me. Black is still a decent second choice though.
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    Information about OS / Kernel / Prototypes

    Currently, (Jan 19th, 2020 at 11PM) the site is unreachable due to some certificate expiration problem. Someone may want to take a look at that.
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    A video. Again. Mostly about cases.

    Well, if this means I won't be getting my hands on the burgundy color pyra, I'll settle for black and go to town on it with some heavy duty laquers and weathering techniques. That was the plan anyways, but a burgundy base would've made things a lot easier. And yeah, that means I won't need it...
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    An interesting e-ink screen...

    I guess I should have been more clear. Just thinking of the proximity between a typical screen and it's touch plane, I'm very sceptical either touchscreen technology will like being in close contact with a device that runs on static electricity. I'll give resistive a fighting chance though. I'm...
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    An interesting e-ink screen...

    Hmmm, not so sure. E-ink displays use static electricity to attract the pigment balls to either side of the screen. Basically it's a segmented capacitive layer where charge dictates pigmentation. Maybe a resistive touchscreen could work, but I'd bet a capacitive one would interfere like mad with...
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    A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    You know, all these colors look great. But I got sold to the Pyra by its dark red appearance, after all its capabilities. With its name, I do feel like a "hot" color like red fits better overall. So that's kinda the "version" I expect to hold into my hands one day. Would I take another color...
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    full OMAP5 documentation

    Caved in and gave Arm my personal info to gain access to their "restricted" section. The things you have to do to get some info on your supposedly open hardware... *sigh* Alright, time to dive head first into this pile of documents and see what can be done with these things.
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    full OMAP5 documentation

    @levi Please correct me if I'm wrong, but reading the PDF I found about the OMAP 5, it looks like all of the cores are directly addressable from the running OS. So where does this whole new linux stack suddenly come from? It even states that the cores all run the same instruction set and a...
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    full OMAP5 documentation

    Heck yeah, I sure am as well. It would be such a shame not to utilize all the bits the Pyra has to offer. Especially, in my humble opinion, the extra CPU cores that the OS leaves alone/unused. They could surely run a lightweight daemon by themselves, leaving more cycles for the OS and apps on...
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    GPS weekcounter rollover and the Pyra mobile edition

    On April the 6th, 2019, GPS will have a sort of Y2K-type rollover thing happening. The 10-bit weekcode will roll over from 1023 back to 0. Most recent GPS modules will have this accounted for, others require a firmware upgrade to deal with this fact. At the same time, this field in the GPS data...
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    What are you going to do when you first get your Pyra

    First thing I do after drooling all over it, is make backups. Having a backup of the "factory default setup" is always handy. After that, it's time to test the hardware, cause any fails are best found early. Then it's time to try out some games, comprehensive benchmarking, get a feel for...
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    Pyra ancestors poll

    I use a raspberry pi zero-W with separate HDMI screen, mouse and keyboard over bluetooth, till I get my hands on my Pyra. It's small, it's slow, it's a hassle to use when I can't VNC into it via a host PC, but it works.
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    Happy new...

    I have followed the Pandora's cycle, wanted to have one, no money... Then the Pandora got followed by the Pyra, wanted to have one, no money... Now years later, I got money, so I bought a Pyra. Even added some vouchers so I will not have to pay the rest later. Better safe, than sorry afterwards...
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    Brief Answers to the Big (Pyra) Questions

    Thanks levi and others. So there's a possibility, but no "off the shelf" solution so far. I suppose I'll have to stick to external drives with USB 2.0 interface to keep things relatively clean for now. The interface is a nice idea though and I'm thinking of making a sort of docking station...