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    Release SuperTuxKart for Pandora

    merci p'tit Seb
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    [Release] Compo4all MAME - ladder/scoreboard competition for classic arcade games :)

    Simply excellent !   My highscore is 89790, still tryhing to reach 100,000 :)'>
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    Selling my Pandora 256Mo - $299

    Wow , not a single offer.  Its amazing how much it depreciated :(
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    Selling my Pandora 256Mo - $299

    It was a "premium" order, because I could not wait anymore :) - I now have bills to pay Works just fine, good condition, no problem whatsoever.
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    GP2X WiZ

    et tu veux la remplacer avec quoi si j'ose demander ?
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    Pandora shop in Paris. Selling Pandora units and spare parts + repairs.

    I wonder how long it will take to get sold.
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    Best "Boulderdash"?

    I remember when one of my friend demoed to me on his Amstrad back in the early eighties We also played Ghosts'n goblins - so much fun!
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    HW Hack: Keyboard light

    Excellent project !
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    A vision for a possible next Pandora Concept

    i agree and I bought a Pandora for the same reasons. Now, this is not for everyone's budget. A lot of people just want to play retro games for a reasonable price. The world wide economy is not that good.
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    A vision for a possible next Pandora Concept

    I just watched this > I think its a great idea and , connected to an android device, would be a real Pandora alternative.
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    A vision for a possible next Pandora Concept

    the Galaxy Nexus is at $349 (unlocked) and the Tablet Nexus 7 is $199 - Could Angstrom run on this ? Would be nice to have a double boot to please everyone :)
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    A vision for a possible next Pandora Concept

    When I see all this new tablet or smartphones (like the Samsung S3) , super fast , slim , cheap and available, I wonder : why don't we just add the missing part that we have on the pandora ? A keyboad with nubs and ABXY . It could click on the phone/tablet and create a shell PC just like the...
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    Jump start your Pandora!

    its the Etón American Red Cross CLIPRAY ARCCR100R_SNG USB Cell Phone Charger with Hand Crank LED Flashlight (Red)
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    Jump start your Pandora!

    cranking is clearly not the best way to charge anything , but when out of electricity, its better than nothing :) we loose power frequently here in America :)
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    Jump start your Pandora! now you can go camping with your favorite handheld :)