Wtb 128 Sm Card


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Jan 12, 2004
I feel like an idiot now. I had a gp32 with a 128 card, and then i sold it without the card, and kept the sm card for my digicam... unfortunately, the camera was missing it's usb cord to get the pics from my camera to the comp, so i had no way to get my pics. Today, office max had a sale on sm card readers, so i bought one. BUT... i can't find my card anymore... dear god i'm pissed.

Anyone got one up for sale? I'm in washington USA


PS> I do paypal
yah Akuma no Houkon... i looked into that.... but $10 shipping? What bs...

and ThndrShk2k... i checked :p if it was there, I'd give it to you for solving my stupidity :p

hi i just registered yeah! so anyways you could checkout fry's if there is one near you or outpost.com they always seem to have good prices on just about everything and i got an smc from them a week ago for $20 (with rebate) with 5 shipping dunno if they still have the rebates too lazy to check or just go to pricewatch.com and click flash cards and then smcs there should be a lot at around 35 and free shipping