Wiz B.o.b. Or Serial Cable


That Guy!
Jul 19, 2003
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Hey guys, so I have this potentially bricked Wiz (either that or the hardware just died from entirely too much awesome!) but I`m too lazy to hunt down the right parts and solder myself a cable, so I figured I`d ask and see if anyone had one they would be willing to part with...

Anyways, if worst comes to worst I`ll break down, source the parts and solder it together myself :p
Oh, I have the know-how, just don't have the components lying around *shrugs* guess I'll have to hunt down a good cable I can rip to shit...
While your at it, can you hunt down two? ;) Seriously though, when you make your cable can you post where you sourced the parts and a short how-to? I'd like to have one of these around just in case I ever need it.
There is directions how to make them in the archive ;)


I was thinking I'd just either get one of the data cables for a phone with a similar jack or hope I can fool some giant component supplier into sending me a few samples :p
i think i still have one of those connectors with full pins lying around.
i could send it to you, cause i really don't need it. i've wanted to build one of those cables by myself, but i just didn't have time to make to really make one.
I've got an extra, pm me and we'll work something out :)