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Dec 3, 2006
Does the GP2X have any wireless, Wi-fi, WLAN etc. capabilities???


Sep 23, 2006
Your question now: why?
Why build a camera with wifi built in?

Ans; People are too lazy to use a cable.

Also there must be a reason why both sony and nintendo thought it was a good idea.

I would rather like it if I could browse the internet on my gp2x, even if it was mostly for kicks. Yes its true my laptop does weigh 4.5kg and have a battery life of 20mins (ten of which it seems to take to boot). It would also be useful at home, instead of spending half a minute booting one's PC one could spend twice the time copying files over wifi instead of a faster usb2.0(depending). Or... one could stream mp3's, pictures, video and etc over it??? The point is, it that it is not entirely pointless and would be a nice little perk - if it wasn't more trouble than its worth.

But I'd almost just do it for the craic - any links to mentioned usb devices/drivers - though it is of course a complete and utter waste of time, as clearly you should just get a loan out and buy a nice laptop for about 600e. Hey that's only four times the price of a gp2x, and it fits in your pocket...

Sorry Shikaku, I know you're a veteran here, but I do think that was a bit of a throw-away remark. And yes there are probably a billion threads on this already, and yes sarcasm flippancy, and cyncism are all very addictive and even entertaining. And no, I agree, the question did not deserve a grand total of five question marks (two in the title and three in the post), it's not a requirement of a games console, its an extra that's mainly there for marketing reasons - I would guess. And not in the gp2x because its a waste of battery life, and marketing is an interesting subject where it concerns GPH.

If there are drivers out there I would genuinely be interested in playing around with them a bit, for personal entertainment of course. :)


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Jun 14, 2006
Southern England
Surely if wireless was easy to setup, games would/could be written with multiplayer in mind?
I for one, think it'd be great playing online games (via my router) on a portable against others.


Sep 21, 2006
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wireless is a mess in the Linux world for all platforms. The main issue is "working" wireless drivers and I usually mean "native" not the wrapper flavor. I have played with wireless on the gp2x using the USB interface. The early models did not supply power so there was little you could do unless you had a battery pack for the USB interface. The current models appear to have power there (although how much current they could supply I do not know. Since the machines run time is based on how long it can keep up the current (at the defined voltage) I am not sure how much the (290 mA max transmit / 240 mA receive max power) drain would impact the run time of the unit.

The big issue with USB wireless right now is that the chips in the units may not stay the same from one rev to another so the driver can be completely different. also the kernel is rev 2.4 and most of the "newer" chip sets have drivers for the 2.6 kernel and NOT the 2.4. The way the USB drivers are structured for the 2.4 kernel is not very conducive to good software structure.

Of course this is my two cents worth and can be safely ignored.