Why I Like Dell For Laptops.


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Apr 18, 2003
Maryland, USA
Now I am sure some people have had trouble with customer service with Dell, but I've only had good experiences. I LOVE my Dell Inspiron 600m. Not only does it play some games better then my desktop (old games and other ones not optimized for Pentium 4), while still providing near the quality of my desktop for most games, ,it is SO quiet and has a nice 4-hour battery life.

Alas, recently I lost my power adapter, effectively making it useless. Since the adapter is propietary, I would have trouble replacing it. I told my tale of woe to Customer Service. Of course, they said they cannot replace a lost item (probably because I already got another power adapter from them when my original one got damaged), but they gave me an online coupon for $35!!! The power adapter on their store is $39 WITH a 10% instant rebate, effectively making the purchase $0.96 without shipping & handling. It was so cheap I decided to get 2nd day for a total of $10.96 for my order.

Not bad, eh?

This has been an advertisement for Dell Laptops :D
I don't have a laptop, but I have a dream of one day buying a very old one and removing any windows operating system and getting it to just run DOS (or Lynux) and boot straight into a Spectrum emulator, so that I will have a laptop Spectrum. The laptop needs to be black though with a keyboard fairlt close to the ZX Spectrum +, and I will probably try and paint the sinclair logo and Spectrum stripes on it.

For now though I am stuck with a huge Toshiba desktop thing that crashes all the time. I will never ever buy a Toshiba PC again.
Because I want a hardrive full of games that load instantly on a nice compact machine, rather than a huge cardboard box of cassettes that take ages to load, don't always work and a machine that has to be rigged up to my telly.

In an ideal world, I would want something that looked like a rubber keyboard Spectrum with a fold down screen that had a hard drive inside it, but this will never happen.
Mark posted on Jul 10 2004 at 03:08 AM said:
My laptop is smooth as:)

I've never heard of it before, but it's an Acer TravelMate.

I'm even starting to like the tiny keyboard and touchscreen mousepad thingy.
i have an acer travel mate
it works well
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I love my Dell laptop too(till some kid took his nails and took most of the keys out lol). I'v had it for like 3 years. They never gave me trouble on replacing anything but the batteries. Which were lithium so obviously they can't. I'v had them fix so many things that I broke lol:

1. The fan.
2. The hard drive.
3. The power supply.
4. The whole screen came off.
5. The adapter 2 times.
6. The speaker.

They never said a thing. Great service.
OK now I'm a little mad that they're going to SHIP it on the 15th?! I'm going to call them about that.

But another thing I like about my Dell Laptop is the keyboard. I love the way they made the keyboard. I used to have a Toshiba Laptop, and I couldn't repair the keyboard because if you took the keys off you couldn't really get them back on without special tools. With my Dell laptop, you can easily take the keys off and put them back on without much trouble.

Edit: They sent me an email today saying it was shipped on Friday. OK, guess their shipping system was a bit off.