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GP32 Kirby

May 30, 2003
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I'm trying to put in roms to try on the new fSMS32 emulator, but I cant write GameGear roms in, I keep getting this error stating that only files with 3 extension letters (like .SMS, but not .GG) are acceptable, but i've put on .GG roms before and it worked fine!

..Actually I still have 'em, but I cant use 'em seeing this emulator wants me to put roms in GPMM/SMS, not GPMM/SMS32.. damnit why dont all emus use the same rom dir? :(
gb roms should be gbz, gbb, gbanything, in fact. As long as the first two letters are gb, doesn't matter what the last one is iirc.
they must have a three letter file extention in order for the gp32 to be able to recognize them. All files that are used on the gp32 must have a file name under 8 characters with a file extention of three.
You should all get an SMC R/W they are so much better (mounts the gp32 as drive E), and you can freely use long file names etc. i could not do without mine, they are also about 5* as fast.