What Would You Like To See In Gpweb 0.2


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Jun 13, 2004
Please put the numbers that you want to see (3 Maximum)

1-Remove the red outline
5-Bigger Web space
6-More buttons used
7-Better Tutorial

Click here to get it
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Interesting program :)

Viewing web pages on your GP on your PC.

Will there be a GP version to view web pages?? (to view web pages on a GP?)

Sound would be good.
GP Version. Sorry. No
i am no coder
just a dreamer.
As for Ver 0.2 hopefully i will have that done in a week.
I hope....I hope....... :huh:
I was hoping someone had made some revolutionary gplink software to get on the web, silly me.
It would be cool, if you can control this Viewer with your real gp32_console.
Like pushing some buttons on you GP and the Viewer on the PC changes the Sites ;)
It would be useless, but pretty cool *g*
It is for the PC. Not Mac or Linx

The program is a web browser. Like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

As for the error. What does it say? Could you post a picture of it?

:angry: shotaway. This is the first time i have acturly release any software. I spent 2 weeks working on it so far. If you do not like it then so be it. Do not download it. i made it for people that want a GP Related web browser. I am soory if you do not like it. but different people have different tastes. :angry:

For those that do like it. Thank you :D 50 downloads so far and i am happy with the results.

Thank You.
Is it Internet Explorer or Gecko based? I bet $1000 on IE. Still sounds nifty. I like and defend these ultimately pointless but amusing programs. Keep at this sort of thing, it's far more interesting than the boring forum / blog / site php scripts I churn out.
Although completely useless, this is still a amusing program to get out at times and show people.

Maybe you could use more of the GP32 buttons and give the option of allowing more space for webpages.
Thank you very much Rico, rpgchocobo and Squidge. Yes i am plannig to give more space but at the moment i have to work out how much space i can give.
80 downloads so far. Thanks
shotaway posted on Jul 24 2004 at 12:38 PM said:
yaustar posted on Jul 24 2004 at 12:28 PM said:
PC web viewer
i have one of those!!!

EDIT...F$%* me...i'm using it!!!
Then don't use this one :). I think if someone releases free software you should atleast just say thank you for taking the time out whether you like it or not.
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