What Music Is Everyone Into?


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May 14, 2008
Manchester, UK
Just wondering what music is everyone into on here?

Im into mainly british punk from '77 and '82. Also like alot of folk music, goth, metal and a bit of electronic stuff. :)
Rock and/or roll for the most part for me. Mark Lanegan, Queens Of The Stone Age, Guns N' Roses, Buckcherry... Although these days I seem to be turning into my dad and listening to more Stones, Led Zep and Dire Straits than anything else. Getting on a bit now - well I am 28 after all ;)
Currently Ive been mostly listening to THE THE, The Charlatans, Suede and Daphne & Celeste
Rock usually but I've been listening to a lot of gangsta rap for a while. I tend to draw incredibly slow, agonizing over each stroke forever unless I'm in a class environment where someone is pushing and the clock is running but channeling that urban anger at concert hall volume, after a couple sides of limp bizkit I'm ready to bust a cap in it and just start slashing and tearing, seems to really work for me.
I am into punk and hardcore a lot, lot's of 80s HC, some electronic music, minimal and electro-clash, "classic" rock like the stones, jefferson airplane etc, also a little folky stuff, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Jack Johnson... Right now I am discovering US Hiphop/Rap again though. Stuff like Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wu Tang Clan pretty much dominates my playlists now.

My heart will always beat for punkrock and HC though, that's with what I grew up and my culture of sorts. All these memories of concerts, the moshpit and hanging with my crew will never really fade as that's what I'll remember as my youth. Hardcore and punkrock is more than music ^^. But then again that's what every musically influenced scene claims.
Classic rock and hard rock, led zep, cream, queen, etc, some metal like sabbath, system of a down, etc. big rap/hip hop fan, although the radio here has nothing to offer except horrid noise such as soulja boy. I tend to "locate" what i want to hear online. most recently MF doom/madvillian/king geedorah, outkast, some gansta rap like 50 cent, and some old school such as public enemy. I'll pretty much enjoy every music genre except country.
Lately I'm mostly listening to trip-hop, acid jazz and other more electronical genres such as electronica, idm, drums & bass, hardcore techno, breakcore (awesome live), house and ambient. Although I'm still into black, death and trash metal since, like xnopasaranx mentioned, it's part of my youth. Due musical studies I'm getting more experienced with classical music.

I'm also getting into hardcore punk and I still listen to various classic and prog rock bands (Pink Floyd is still one of my favorite musicians).
I can and normally will listen to just about anything. The only real genres of music that I steer clear of are Dance/electronica, rap/hip hop, r'n'b, and death metal. I'm mostly a rock and roll guy. Love my classic rock. You just can't beat a good bit of Boston, Journey or Foreigner. My tastes in music are wide ranging though. I can be listening to something like Turbonegro or HIM one minute and be listening to Willie Nelson or Shania Twain the next. I actually have a soft spot for Shania Twain songs, something I'm slightly embarassed about, but when if like you me you were basically forced to listen to one of her cds on the way to an ice rink every day over the period of a summer, you'd have developed the liking for her music that I have.
Folk, indie/contemporary folk, indie pop, soft rock and acoustic guy-with-guitar stuff. I like stuff from Simon and Garfunkel to Nick Drake to The Pogues to Elliot Smith to Ben Folds to Death Cab For Cutie. Were you to press I'd give my favourite group as The Decemberists. Iron & Wine or this guy when I'm in a particularly folky mood. I also quite like happy 60s powerpop style stuff, all trombones and that.
xnopasaranx said:
I am into punk and hardcore a lot, lot's of 80s HC
Interesting playlist. One of my old time favorites is Judge. Not much people have heard of this hardcore band (Mike Judge the singer). Hearing that guy sing (shout) is pure adrenaline, too bad he quit the band after a short period of time.
Never been really part of the "scene" eventhough I have seen a lot of hardcore bands (spermbirds, MOD etc)

I am too much of a music freak to limit myself to one type of music. Beatles, Gorillaz, Bjork, the Smiths, Frank Zappa, Slayer, Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Ramsey Trio, Cold War Kids, Funkadelic, Motorhead etc .. etc .. there is so much great music.
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Classic Rock (Beatles, The Who etc.), Reggae (Steel Pulse, 10 ft. Ganja Plant etc.), Rap (Nas, Tribe Called Quest, Wu tang etc.---not soula boy/flo :huh: rida) and Ska (Bosstones, Catch 22 etc.)
i listen to most music, from experimental metal to classical. but its mainly metal, hardcore, acoustic, rock and some electronic. at the moment im listening to everything by or involving mike patton (faith no more, fantomas, tomahawk etc....) im also liking city and colour very much

my last.fm
Mostly Hardstyle and Trance but I am known to listen to a bit of rap and some rock. I don't really tie myself down to particular genres or artists, if I hear a song that I like I will listen to it no matter who it is by.
^ I have to agree with the latter half of your post Finty. If I find a song that sounds good, I'll listen to it regardless of who it's by, which is the way I explain why I have a Cher song on my MP3 player when people ask. :unsure:
Ganepark32 said:
^ I have to agree with the latter half of your post Finty. If I find a song that sounds good, I'll listen to it regardless of who it's by, which is the way I explain why I have a Cher song on my MP3 player when people ask. :unsure:
I'm sure everyone will believe that..
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In terms of bands: Alter Bridge, Muse, and any song I happen to like which is 'going' at the time
a little bit of everything but gernerally i listen to
hip-hop (public enemy, p.o.s., jedi mind tricks (their first album), lupe fiasco, basically nothing egocentric or irrelevant)

indie rock
glitchcore (crystal castles, aphex twin)
hardcore punk
Right now mostly symphonic/gothic metal. Some of my favorites are Within Temptation, Sirenia, Tacere, Amberian Dawn, After Forever, Epica, and Krypteria. I used to be really into industrial electronic stuff / ebm, which I still listen to occassionally.