What Is Everyone Doing These Days?


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Feb 19, 2011
Its been pretty slow so I was just wondering what all the regulars are doing/playing with these day. I know I was big on the Wiz but I picked up a Pandora . I never thought It would replace it but since it also plays android and my Wiz saves work on the Pandy I haven't been here much. Still just wondering what the rest of you guys are doing..
Going about finishing a never-ending game for caanoo/pandora/etc.
As usual, the last 25% of the work takes 75% of the whole dev time :rolleyes:
Just finished a couple of Pandora games for the Dragonbox Coding Comp (one of which, AquaVenture, is available for Wiz and Caanoo and maybe GP2X soon).
Haven't got a clue what I'll be doing next. I'll probably just catch up with all the Xbox, PS3, Wii and WiiU games I've not played since buying/receiving.
working, babysitting, sleeping, getting up, babysitting, working, ... daily routine
and when i find time to code i'm doing stuff for the pandora mostly (apkenv at the moment). i just recently grabbed my wiz to check if it still boots, thats all. now it's lying there again.
I've been slowly straightening up these forums so we can do a re-launch of GP32X and hopefully get some more foot traffic in here. Besides that, there's work full time, school at night, house hunting and taking care of my 7 year old and an injured wife. I'm actually surprised I have the energy to type this!
Thankfully, some financial woes are coming to an end so I'll be able to finally do some gadget shopping. I'm planning on cross-upgrading my original Pandora preorder, looking at maybe a JXD S7300 or another Android tablet and buying some other handhelds that I've wanted to add to my collection.
Same routine i've been doing for the last 2 years, although i now have a galaxy note 2 instead of my nokia n900 which was a good move and i have recently purchased a jxd s7300 for my son (and me) to use..lol.
I still have my wiz which I keep in my taxi you just can't beat physical controls plus it comes in handy on those  long cold winter nights.
Gosh I haven't been here in ages, what have I been doing? Been playing a lot with the Vita, 3DS XL, Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, Wii U and am currently excited about the PS4 which should arrive in 9 days.
Also I have ordered myself an interesting HTC one knock off phone called a Cubot one, I bought one for my boyfriend's christmas pressie, it arrived and I am soo impressed with it, I ordered one for myself, amazingly cheap for such a fab product. This next year is going to see some brilliant cheap little Android phones!
Aaanyway, see you guys in another year or so lol.