Want to order the unit that is available right away - Will I get it in time for vacation?


Jan 11, 2005
I'm heading out for a week long vacation in 2.5 weeks. I'm in the USA and I really want to take a pandora with me. Do you think I'll get it in time? What are the chances there will be a problem with it? I read on another post someone just got one of the "speicial" units and had to return it right away because it was older and suffered from old broken parts (or something like that)

Are the units tested before sending? Do they know which units they assembled with bad parts and need to be redone before sending or do they just stick it in a box and ship it?

Make sure you go for the 24-48 hour UPS shipping too. I'm in the US and because I picked the airmail option, my Pandora has been in the mail for 11 days now. It takes 2 - 12 business days to deliver that way, so I might not get it for another week and a half. Had I known that, I would've just paid the extra $25.
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Ouch. Hope you get it sooooon. Let me know how it turns out. I should get my tax return any day now which will fund it.
I'm going to order it right now. I don't want to wait to receive it, maybe the next thing you guys can invent is a teleportation device used to send the pandora's to their new owners.