Video Out To A Monitor?


Dec 26, 2005
I'm wondering if there is a cheap easy was to convert the video output from s-video to something I can use with my monitor. My monitor (Dell 1907FP) at work has DVI and VGA inputs, and I'd love to be able to get my signal into there.
I think you can only pick one from the selection of cheap and easy.

The chip supports VGA output, but you'd have to solder wires to it (assuming the chip package allows this; I'm not sure which chip is responsible for generating it). Then there's the issue of getting software to support it...

If you go the easy route, there are scan converters that can change svideo to VGA, but the quality may be a little worse than svideo once you're done.
probably the cheapest route, but surely not the most practical, would be to get yourself a ATI AIW card or cheap capture card off ebay. Now the obvious: I'm sure IT would love you to tear the work pc apart to put it in and then load the software. BUT! you would be able to play in a small rez screen while working at the same time....boss comes around you minimize instead of fumbling around for cables......but again this would not be a very portable solution would it....

ok someone with a better idea....mine stinks...
I can't believe it.

All this time, the monitors at work that we are replacing (old Compaq 18" LCD) had an S-video input. I could have been playing on the bigger screen all along! I've been playing all day, looks great. Now we are upgrading to the Dell 1907, which is a nicer unit... but I'd have to buy one of those converter boxes to use it. Even then, most of those need a power adapter to plug in, and every time I came to work I'd have to set the thing up. Using the old monitor, I just plug and go.

I should pay better attention....
nowaycomputer posted on Dec 9 2006 at 05:30 PM said:
I might be missing something, but can't you just use an adaptor (something like: ) ?

I've ordered one anyway (for the pricely sum of £3.99 inc delivery), if it works on my 17" Iiyama TFT, I'll report back.

that is a VGA to rca/s-video adapter, not an S-video/rca to VGA adapter. there is a difference. essentailly, what you ordered puts together all of the separate signals in a very basic fashion. i believe what is needed is a chroma decoder, something that will take apart the signals. that is easier said than done, which makes the adapters somewhat costly.
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