USB OTG cables etc.


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Apr 1, 2003
Hi all,

Took delivery of a couple of USB OTG cables from Dealextreme to try out. Both seem to work fine. I tested them with a mouse and a flash drive, all looked OK.

They are @ $1.60 and @ $1.90.

Two things I've found:

Firstly, my Logitech Anywhere MX mouse wouldn't work, because the Logitech Unified receiver presumably isn't recognized. I tried my Logitech VX Nano with a more standard nano receiver and that works well, as does a wired USB mouse.

Secondly, there seems to be a bug whereby if you put the Pandora in standby by flicking the power switch, it looks like the USB OTG port does not get reenabled when you turn the Pandora back on. It has to be rebooted for it to work again.
There are generally a LOT of problems with Logitech devices on non-Windows systems. From my personal experience it seems like Logitech gives a shit about sticking to standards, there are a lot of problems with devices that are that simple they should definitely be completely covered by the USB HID standards but still don't work.
It's not just Logitech, my Alienware tactx mouse doesn't work with the Pandora either. *sigh*... if only drivers were open. Especially yours, PowerVR!
Does USB OTG work for anyone here on SZ 1.52?

For me it doesn't. Don't know the reason yet. Trying to find out now, if it's a general SZ 1.52 bug, or if it is just my setup.

Sorry, should have been more specific here.

Actually this post was an attempt to reach people who really use OTG, and I should have linked to my original inquiry posting, that contains all the details: