Ur-quan Masters


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Jun 24, 2006
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So, I've downloaded and installed the Ur-Quan Masters (or Star Control 2) port v0.2-r1 along with uqm-0.4.2-content.uqm and while I do get to see the game's intro and main menu, I cannot proceed any further because the controls are not responding :/

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm dying to play this game on my GP2X having read about how awesome it is at The Underdogs.
I had the same problem up 'till five minutes ago.
What I had done was install the game in two folders somehow. Don't ask me how I managed that, but there were two folders in my games folder, "uqm" which had some save files or something and a 5KB control.cfg. The other folder was one I distinctly named myself and unzipped the game and content into, called "Ur-Quan Masters". This folder had a THREE kilobyte keys.cfg. I moved all the files into the uqm folder and replaced the 5 KB config file with the 3 KB one. It now works fine.
Control.cfg? I don't even have that... mine contains a total of 7 files and 2 directories, adding up to 13,7Mb.

Maybe I'm not doing this right... When the readme speaks of "installing" the game, that's "unzipping" uqm-0.2-r1.zip to mnt/sd/games/uqm correct?