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    Levi - Acorn Archimedes???
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    No, the archimedes topped out at a 33MHz ARM3 I think. The RISC PC was Acorn's 1994 successor to the top of the range Archimedes, and mine shipped with an ARM610 running the ARMv3 microarchitecture at 30MHz. That wouldn't run any kind of MP3 decode as far as I recall, and it wasn't until I switched to a Strongarm110 by DEC running ARMv4 which wiki tells me probably actually ran at 202MHz that I could do real-time MP3 decode of simple streams. Note all those CPUs lacked a floating point unit, so had to simulate floating point ops using combinations of integer maths.

    Now this uGame console has an ARM Cortex M0 chip topping out at 48MHz. I think it also lacks an FPU judging by the docs failure to mention it, but it almost certainly has faster RAM, definitely has a single cycle MUL instruction they say, and probably has other microarchitecture improvements between ARMv3 and now. So it may well be able to decode MP3s live.
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