Two Questions(Power management/Standby)


Rare Species
Jun 17, 2015
I have two questions:
1. Why is the Standby Mode deactivated in newer Firmware versions?
2. Is it possible to run the Pandora completely from the Power Supply with an Battery(or just reduce the Battery drain when the PSU is connected)?
1. Because power saving has increased a lot, there's not much improvement in standby mode. Also, standby can cause issues like data loss when the battery power runs out or the SD card is removed while in standby.

2. No, as soon as the battery is in, the charger chip automatically runs through the battery.
It may be worth noting that even if your Pandora won't run without a battery in through its charger port, mine at least will still boot up if the power supply bypass pads on the PCB are connected and used instead. You could potentially design your own circuit using a dormant battery as a UPS in case of power failure, it you plan to use your Pandora in a fixed location long term. I'm thinking of doing something along those lines myself, for when I have my Pyra fulfilling everything I currently do with my Pandora, and I can use my old Pandora as the heart of various projects.