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Feb 3, 2011

OpenPandora LTDEvilDragon, Craigix and the Open Pandora Forum Staff are NOT liable for any misleading / false transactions. Any trading mishaps are to be reported to the police and we would be happy to co-operate and provide information of the seller if requested.

Trading Section Rules:

The item must be yours and in your possession - no selling for friends/customers etc. This is to prevent people being stuffed around if the friend/customer/whoever sells it elsewhere.

All items must have a picture with the sellers forum name somewhere next to it (Not photoshopped) - If you don't have a camera, don't post.

Include detailed information about the condition of the item. State if there are any major scratches, damage or failing components, whether you have the original box, manuals and accessories and their condition too.

You are permitted to make not more than one sequential post in a row, per 24 hours, as making a post "bumps" the thread to the top of the For Sale forum. If the last post in the thread currently is one you've made, not until the next day are you permitted to make another post to "bump" the thread. Examples of bump posts are things such as "Bump", "Bid noted", "PM sent", "Price lowered" or replies to buyers.

Except as noted, thread crapping will not be tolerated.* If you are not interested in buying or selling, or you have nothing positive to say, STAY OUT OF THE THREAD! If you think the asking price is too high, or you want to make a lowball offer, contact the seller via email or PM. If the price is to high, nobody will buy it so naturally the seller will lower the price eventually.

* Some reasons why "thread crapping" may be ok:

  • If you are positive the person is a troll. If you're not sure but 'think' they are, PM us.
  • Making a newbie aware of the rules (but please do so politely).

Ensure you get information of the seller BEFORE you hand over money. Obtain phone number, email address or name of the trader then you can contact them if something goes wrong. Ensure you pay by a secure service such as PayPal or protected Credit Card.

If you see an issue, please hit the report post button and we will be on top of it ASAP.

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