Touch Screen Not Working.


Still Fresh
Sep 13, 2007
Hey everyone I got my gp2x f200 today and I've noticed the touch screen doesn't work :-(.

If I try to press the arrows on the menu screen nothing happens :-( or occasionally the screen goes blank.

What's wrong with it :-( do i need to flash a new firmware to it.
Have you tried re-calibrating? There's a menu (in settings?) to do that IIRC. I haven't used mine for a long time.
Does everything else work as expected? If so, it sounds like it could be a faulty touchscreen rather than a problematic firmware.
You won't do any harm updating the firmware to see, as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. Be aware that updating can brick your system if not done correctly.
Just an update folks I've updated my firmware to open2x dr7 and it seems to be working again.