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Oct 8, 2005
With TGS 2015 opening it's doors on the 17th of September, I was just wondering what you guys & girls were hoping to see or be announced this time around for Sony, Nintendo and PC?

Sony's keynote is officially over now and this is a tiny bit of what they showed us~


Gravity Daze 2/Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 only (not PS Vita) and Gravity Daze 1/Gravity Daze 1 REMASTERED for PS4


Danganronpa V3 for PS4 and PS Vita


Kindom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue for PS4

(includes: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD (a remake of the Nintendo 3DS game),

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover and Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage)


New PS4 DS4 controller shades/colors for Japan (for now)


Official Sony PS4 HDD Bay Covers in various colors coming soon(face plates?)




Sony PlayStation's Project Morpheus is now called PlayStation VR

Please feel free to help me out with adding additional news as they come. Cheers :)
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Sadly the Gravity Daze/Rush 2 news is no surprise, I knew the Vita would get screwed in the end. Great for PS4 owners though. Some decent titles I'm interested in, but since I won't be getting a PS4 for awhile, I won't be getting most of these games until there on discount.

I'm drooling over that PS4 DS4 controller...Reminds of the good old days :wub:
Yeah, I'm a sucker for those as well. If Sony releases a full system to go with that DS4 controller, I might have to get one sooner, rather than later.

I am only slightly interested in one thing in the list above, and that is just so I can get more info about it.
Microsoft wont announce anything they are not even at the tgs this year.

They finally threw in the towel uh? Took them long enough, the Japanese market has been brutal to them from the start. I will say they fought longer than most would have, but throwing funds at a problem isn't always the right solution.

On top of that, it's not like the Japanese market is very relevant anymore to anyone. It's ok for japanese game publishers, but for anyone else its too small to care.
^ don't say that   :(   M$ are awesome, imo.

They wasted billions of dollars in Japan though :(

They had an uphill battle from the start, and no matter what they did, it wouldn't work. I applaud their efforts, but it was for sure money wasted.

Yeah they gave up and they should have given up 5 years ago, seriously. No point trying in Japan, it's a too difficult market to get a critical mass.

Well, since Microsoft is prude US of A, they just completely underestimate the japanese "Hentai factor" in gaming. ;) Of course they don't get an foot in the japanese door if they do not join the "H-club". Heck, there were even Vibrators back  then that could be connected with an Playstation (no joke!) 
Fusionpower i dont know what you are talking about. Thexbox360  in japan had  many love sims actually and some rated mature. Again you comment on something you dont know.
I tried Eve Valkyrie today with the latest iteration of the Oculus Rift, and it was VERY impressive. That's a big change of dimension compared to staring at a screen. It's not so much the feeling of 3 dimensions (actually I don't really feel that kind of illusion when I use VR), but the fact that your head can move freely and make you discover other parts around you is really, really exciting, and just a perfect fit for cockpit games. 

Yesterday I tried the Playstation VR and while it was better than I expected (latency is gone now, and the field of vision is kind of decent), the resolution is still too low to make for really great experiences. But seriously, it's not bad for PS4 owners who want VR on the cheap. It's not going to be completely horrible. 

GearVR, on the other hand, was disappointing. Technically it's not bad at all, but the resolution is low as well, and obviously phones are too damn slow to do any kind of great 3D at all. 
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