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May 30, 2008
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I've been watching this project on the various websites and this forum since it's early days, (but just got an account), and would just like to say a big thank you for your time and effort to all the devs and to Craigix and Co. I know you've heard this before but I just thought I'd say that I'm extremely excited for the Pandora in the coming months and will buy one as quickly as possible, (maybe one of the first 3,000! I've been on the newsletter since the website practically started). So again: Thanks for everything!
Spadoof said:
You made a post to thank eveyone? An entire POST?

-Spadoof :gp2x
Anything wrong with that? Seems reasonable enough to me. Unless there's another thread thanking everyone on the front page at least, but if there is, I missed it...

Edit: Forgot to add my voice in thanks to the relevant people - so thanks :)
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Well, this sure beats troll posts. In fact, I might as well say thanks too.

Thanks to Pandora's creators for this project. Pandora is 99.9% the handheld I always wanted since my 1st PocketPC. I'm getting old, but at least I'm finally getting the toy I always wanted. :p
good post, oftentimes we think it but we dont say it enough...
thank you developers for taking a risk and working on this amazing and original piece of hardware!
This could rapidly grow into a very big thread, because like many others I am very grateful that these guys had the vision, motivation and commitment to make it happen and I can't remember the last time I so eagerly awaited a product to be released. :)
Tripmonkey_uk said:
I'll add my thanks to the list and a hearty welcome to OpenStu too :)
Yeah, I'll have to say thanks too. Thanks.

Also: Thanks for including htop. *poke poke*
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Prophet said:
Thanks to Pandora's creators for this project. Pandora is 99.9% the handheld I always wanted since my 1st PocketPC.

Whaaat?? What more could you ask in the other 0.1%??? :ph34r:
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THANKS!!!! Craig and team!!!

been drewling over my keyboard ever since i saw the first article. 1st action on waking up everyday: checking the blog and forums for news (like the bluetooth addition, YAY!!)

Can't wait when my boss walks in for the first time, thinks i'm playing on a ds, get's mad, and then showing him a very complex looking spreadsheet for instance..... that i quickly switched to ofc ;) (how quick would that be possible btw? it's an ideal game camouflage machine but you's have to be able to "alt-tab" quickly)