Tail Teiru - Another Puzzle Game By Rerofumi


Oct 18, 2005
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It is very nice to see there are some japanese devs also interested in GP2x :)

rerofumi anounced new puzzle game in his homepage - http://www.fumi2kick.com/gp2x/
(He said he might stop distributing its binary after couple of weeks. no reason, why?)

It looks cool. And he also announce his own SDL wrapper. :)
(He was a PSP homebrew developer and used SDL on it)

I've never noticed there are japanese people interested in GP2x (yeah, they have enough good game consoles, arent they :)) but it seems they alreay have 'Kanji-Dictionary' and 'Japanese-viewer' (http://gp32blu.hp.infoseek.co.jp/gp2x/) though not exposed to here :lol:

Glad to see another dev.
This one is fun. The archive I downloaded seemed to be corrupt but the byte size matched up. I installed it and it worked very nicely. Very manic game. I thought Tilematch was hard core. Towards the end of the game I played it was fairly frantic with the limitations of the joystick becoming painfully obvious. Not being able to keep up with the ever faster tiles was no fun. Besides a few gameplay tweaks the game seems very polished. I hope to see more from this guy in the future. Definitely download worthy.

Tell Tail, it's definatly a cool game, I like that the girl's costume in the back changes to reflect your progress, What I hate however is the fact that such a quickly paced game sufferes from the murderous deadzone effect. When you;re rushing to slide a block up or down the column it can be torture.

Also I've noticed the buttons arnt mapped correctly (start is like the A button or something) Also the volume buttons are disabled, Nice music but I kinda wish I could turn it down a little. Lastly there's no way to escape back to the menu it seems.

The car game he has on his site is a nice little diversion

it is very similar to Tetris Attack, the only difference is the fact you can move blocks up/down, too.

Being a slightly changed Tetris Attack clone makes this game one of my favourites.

very good. But as already said, the joystick makes fast paced games not as enjoyable as they should be. I hope for a good replacement soon.
I'll upload it to the file archive. :D
Don't you need the authors permission first?!?! :eek:

No problem!
It's free.
and, thank you!

Thank you for your playing :)

The reason why I stop binary distribution,
"Tail-Tale" is an old work for me.
The character is a thing of a TV animation "Tenshi no shippo".(Angel Tales)
It is not populer.
Therefore I cannot distribute it with confidence.

There is a plan we redrawing a picture, and re-dist.
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I'm not familiar with the current character but she's still cute. New art would be cool though, you could add lots more outfits and not be constrained by the original character.
Awesome game! I had a lot of fun with it! Good work! :)

Is there anyway to change the volume? And how do you pause the game, and is there any button that exits the game?

I didn't figure those things out..

EDIT: I agree what was previous said. The deadzone makes it bit tricky to control. Woudln't it be possible to control the cursor with the ABXY buttons and perhaps use the "Stick-click" to select tiles? That would make the controls quicker I think.
this game is the best puzzle game out right now. It's like any other game in the category, but its one of the best rounded one's I've seen. Course the joystick sucks with it but you get use to it
My first round (on easy):
score: 25120
clear block: 2063
level: 27

I now have cramps in my hands, and I only played one round (until i saw the game over screen). I love the music and the graphics (changing the backround picture is a great idea!).

Things to add:
sound control
an exit button (start?)
better controls

Now I have to study for my spanish quiz tomorrow, but I will definitely be playing this game more in the future. Thanks so much, rerofumi!
It makes it so that instead of using the stick and getting dead zones, you could use the four buttons on the right to move around like you do to move the mouse in OpenTTD2X and then use stick click to select.