Swiss Army Knive, the Pyra under the Sharp Tools

i hate victorinox knives soooo much! i find their handles way too small and lacking grippiness.
no one mentioned this one :

the blade is thin and not meant for heavy work (obviously, well, it's an eating knife, duh)
i use it way way more often than the generic multitool saw-wrench-handler-thing i aquired for some reason.
I want to change my EDC a bit ,
Now I have a Smal Leatherman (Signal) and a big Victorinox (Swisschamp XLT) , as well a middle sized Olight Flashlight, and a 6000 mah Powerbank..
But it’s doesn’t fit my every day needs and it’s a bit too heavy..
So i decide to change this to a tiny Victorinox (Minichamp) a Tiny Olight Flashlight, booth for the Keyring, and a full-size Leatherman as my Working Tool/Knife
The Free P4 looks pretty good, although it’s pretty Expensive..
You can access every tool whit one hand, thanks to a magnetic system..
Even the Bottle Opener and the Scissors, ..
And unlike the OHT, it’s looks pretty slick, not that bulky..
I will write when I got these things..

Pandora or Pyra, and EBook where always be in my EDC ..

I still can take the other Flashlight whit me when I need it, but not every day..
My two new tools are now at my Place,
The Leatherman is quite impressive, it’s fun to open all tools whit one hand, although I need a bit more practice, it’s will be my main multitool knife,
The Victorinox is more something for backup and will be carrying on my Keyring, it’s main purpose is to clean finger nails and for it’s tweezers ,
I know therefore it’s could also be a Classic, but I found the Mini Champ much cooler ^^
I ditnt carry a full size SAK since I have the new EDC gear, so I think the diverenc between Mini Champ and Classic shouldn’t be that big of a problem..
now to the Pix

Full tool Shots are everytime a bit dangerous, but :

There is sadly no Corgscrew, but a normal and a serrated blade, a saw, a file, pfillips screwdriver and Bottle Opener Combo, Can Opener, etc ..
Much more than you need every day, but well the main purpose of every Multitool is to be a Toy, that could be handy sometimes
Nice, I think I must've mistaken the teeth of the saw for a corkscrew. I wonder if it has a usable flat screwdriver, perhaps on the tin opener (looks a but rounded) or maybe at the tip of that ruler. Also, what's that tool somewhere below the combo philips driver and bottle opener combo? A center punch maybe?
If you mean the side whit the scissors, that’s a prying tool , but I wouldn’t want to try this on a Bee Hive, therefore whe have Hive Tools that are a lot cheaper if they break..
The thing at the top side is the can opener, but the thing on the other side that I'm interested in is the bottle opener. Different tools for different jobs. I know about the leather sewer thing, it's the thing I can't identify on the other side I was asking about.
dang, wrong side.. matzeus said its a pry tool . the web site also adds medium screwdriver to the pry tool description.
Ah, thanks for the link to the website. Yeah, it seems to be saying there are three screwdrivers (presumably flat) of different sizes in addition to the philips driver, and two wire cutters - perhaps those are those two odd little springy things built into the handle.

I was wondering if pry tool was a german->english description of the tool, but the website calls it that too. There doesn't seem to be a full-sized dedicated version of this tool I can read about on wikipedia, but at least on their photos the tool looks a lot thinner than it did in matzezu's shot, so I can imagine sticking it in a gap and waggling it to pry it open a little.
Tools i justet so far on the Leatherman:
Bottle Opener (Works pretty good, better than the Bottle Opener/Carabiner Combie on the Skeletool/Signal, also its cool to open whit one Hand)
Scissors (Maybe not that Sharp like the Seratet Wenger SAK Scissors, but its also pretty handy to open it whit one Hand, although its not that easy as the other Tools as its Oposite the Main Blade, so you have to use the Fingers that are a bit weaker than index finger and thump, but it think whit a bit of use, this should work , i mean: which other Multitool features a ONE HAND OPEN Scissor??)

The Mainblade (its pretty sharp, so its works good..), maybe i will use this Blade for thinks like Opening Rolls, and the Serated Blade for things like Cutting Panzer Tape or something..

So after a Week of Owning, i like this Leatherman Free P4 pretty much
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i'm sure opening knife-tools with one hand will be banned soon in germany, too dangerous (read: cool) for this country. :-#
They already sort of „Banned“ but if you have a Social Adequate Reason why you need they, you could still carry them..
There was this new Paragraph 42a, which was made some years ago..
It’s still a Multi Tool, so a Carry Reason is more easy to find then on a Knife whit one Blade..
A Month ago or so, i decide to try another Swiss Army Knife, as these are a bit less dangorous to carry in some countrys then the Leatherman,
Its the Victorinox Cybertool L, whit the same Bit Driver than the Swisschamp XLT, but whit less unusefull tools, so its much more user friendly:
Blade, Small Blade, Wood Saw, Metal Saw, Scissors, the Bit Driver and this Bit Holder, and Bottle and Can Opener.. and a small Plier..
Also the usual back tools like Aale, Korkscrew etc..sadly not in blue, but in Red Translucent..

Pictures will get edited when im on my Phone..

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Well, after 2 Months (tm) im quite happy whit the Cybertool L, its not that bulky than the Swisschamp XLT, but its got the same Bit Driver which is quite usefull, shure its a whole layer just for the one driver, but therefore its contains also a good choice of bits in its holder..
And its Legal in most European Countrys (expect Great Britain)..
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If i remember correctly, on Days they are abouve a set temperature, they fly out, some search for lost flowers, some for water or something, but they dont make little bees anymore, but i dont have that much knowledge yet..

My Cybertool dosnt have a Keyboard, but there is also a Victorinox whit a USB Stick in it, "Swissdrive" or Something..