Squidgesnes Finding Rom Issue..


Apr 4, 2006
I installed squidgesnes and when i go to the main menu and select load rom it goes to the other screen at the bottom it says no rom files found and at the top it gives me the path i forgot exactly what path it said something like this /mnt/sd/rom/snes, anyways where or easier how do i go about setting this program up thax......
make a folder called rom on the root of ur sd card and then make a folder called snes inside that one and store your roms in that folder.
i had the same problem today, there is some option turned on in the settings about the rom folder turn the option off scroll all the way down and save the settings and it should read the ones in your rom folder.
Yeah, tun off the "absolute paths" option in the settings.
Also I would have thought squidge would have made is /roms?