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Apr 13, 2016
This is squeezeNjive-lite, a .pnd containing squeezelite and jivelite. Sourced from here

If you've ever used the O2 Joggler or Openpeak devices then you should be familiar with the interface to control your logitech media server.

Here is a crap video -


ToDo -

Get VU meters working
Use a local server

For now it plays radio a treat, which is what I use the Joggler for mainly.

Get it here -

What do you mean by that todo: 'Use a local server'? Does the absence of that suggest it's using some remote one now or something? Or am I misreading that entirely? This is my first experience of this media server, so I'm really not au fait with its capabilities.
Yeah, squeezlite connects to a remote instance of LMS. I thought in the future it could connect to localhost if I try and port LMS.
my guess it's a squeezebox remote, which needs a server containing the media. It can then play it synced on multiple squeezebox players in your house.
Having a squeezebox server running on the pandora would be nice I guess. :)

There's also software squeezebox players btw.
I went to use this recently and it failed to load because of missing libs. Long story short, I learnt not to use one OS for compiling and testing, so after setting up an SD card OS for compiling this is a complete re-package/update, it *should* work now.

bah! sorry if you downloaded this and found it won't run, I have updated again. I need to be more careful when testing.
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