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Jan 13, 2011
Hi All, new here, waiting for my pandora to arrive. I'm daydreaming of some things I could use the pandora for in my home studio or with my band. I work doing embedded linux and dsp development for a pro-audio company so I'm happy to get hands on.

There is a gadget mode midi driver for otg usb. This means you can connect your pandora to a PC and it appears as a midi device This could be used for implementing synthesizers and controllers on the pandora It's already in the 2.6 kernel tree so shouldn't be too hard to integrate with the pandora.

There is also a kernel driver for usb audio in gadget mode ( see here.. under USB_AUDIO). This could be used to turn the pandora into an audio interface/effects processor for a desktop PC. The pandora would appear as an audio device on the PC and the Pandora's inputs and outputs would appear as ins/outs in the desktop machine. With a bit of hacking, the number of audio inputs and outputs available over the otg port could be higher than the number of physical audio ports. If the DSP chip was working, then some audio effects could be implemented on the CPU or better still on DSP and audio could be passed to/from the host computer like a send effect.

Another thing that would be cool would be to port libdsmi over to pandora It's used a lot in iphone and nintendo ds apps for wifi midi. It's pretty sweet because it requires hardly any config on the host machine and the host can be OSX or PC. This would be cool for developing midi control apps on the pandora like a monome clone or touchosc type stuff.

Any other audio nerds out there developing for pandora?
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Thank you for this info. I've been interested in using my laptop/netbook with my keyboards when I play, but haven't got around to it yet. I hope some of the things you talked about do get ported to the Pandora. I have a little experiencing programing (~2 years of programming classes in Assembly, C, C++, Java, Ruby, etc.) but virtually no experience with Linux. If I had a bit more knowledge, or more free time, I would take a stab at it.

Do you have any plans on porting any of the above? If so, I'm VERY interested.
Like I said I don't have my device yet so I'm speculating, but once I do I'll be trying some kernel rebuilds for the otg stuff if it's not in the current kernel. I don't think that is a huge amount of work. I think someone has already got JACK working which is great. Getting the DSP toolchain, loaders etc working and hooking the DSP up with JACK ports would be a big project. AFAIK not much has been done in this area.

I don't think porting libDSMI would be too tough although I've not looked at the source. Otherwise developing some alternative kind of midi-over-ip is doable.
I've got a synth+sequencer PND almost ready to go .. USB Gadget works pretty well, too. The Pandora has a few audio nerds in the scene - Gruso ported seq24, which is a very nice competent MIDI sequencer, and the Pandora is definitely getting more audio apps, as soon as I can find the time to fix a few more things .. Check the archives, we've had a lot of threads about audio on Pandora and for sure its ideal for the situation!

What audio company do you work for? I also used to work for a synthesizer company, and its been my intention for years to see portable devices like the Pandora get more and more functionality in the audio department.
Good to hear their are audio guys working on the pandora. I noticed that seq24 was running. I've got a novation launchpad which would be cool to integrate with seq24.

I'm working for a startup doing a digital mixer. Should be going into production later this year.
Sounds cool, would love to know more details if you get the chance .. in the meantime I'm working on a drumsynth release for iOS .. gotta make a little extra somehow, lol.