Some Rare Consoles And Games For Sale



well im back selling more stuff, i thought i would give you guys a chance before i put any of it on ebay

i have a nes console with two controllers and alot of games

the games are:​

the legend of zelda (gold edition)

totally rad

rad racer

three in 1 - super mario bros, tetris and nintendo world cup

digger t rock

wwf wrestlemania challenge

nintendo world cup

double dragon 1

double dragon 2 the revenge

california games

super mario bros 3

Rescue - the embassy mission

bad dudes vs dragonninja


solar jetman

game genie cartridge and book

a n64 console with two controllers with alot of games

the games are:​

virtual pool 64

wipe out 64

mission impossible

007 goldeneye

star wars episode 1 pod racer

wcw/nwo reevenge

1080 snow boarding

super mario 64

resident evil 2

i also have a neo geo pocket colour for sale

any offers accepted

i also have an n-gage mobile with fifa 2004, a 32mb memory card, charger and a cd of games


well i was looking 25 - 40 pounds. but im not to sure if I can ship to u.s I havent a clue how much it would cost...


well i worked out its will cost roughly 12.00 to send it. so if i sold it to you for about 35 + p&p it work out about 47.00 ($82.3299 google :) )