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Jun 16, 2021
Hey there! I'm new to pandora and while i'm still waiting for the pyra to arrive, i'm trying to learn something about programs. I tried to code on Pandora with Python, but it does'nt work at all. I searched the privios threads to get some help, but it did'nt work out. Can anyone explain me, what i need to get started? Is it possible at all to code with Python on Pandora or do i need to use an another language? Do i have to install any Python libraries to get it work?
Please, explain it to me, as easy as possible, i'm a bit easy minded ^^
You just type python in a terminal and it just works mate...
can you elaborate on whats your problem?
I am not a fan of it, but really, its one of the default stuff most linux distros come with.
Edit: Okey to get started you literally just create a textfile that contains _print("hello world")_ inside your home directory, next you open _terminal_ from the menu and type python _nameofthefile_.
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i'm trying to learn something about programs
It would really help if you have a goal. What kind of program do you want to write, or what do you want to achieve? Depending on your answers the suggestions may be different. It might help you build confidence and satisfaction from managing to accomplish what you aspired to do.
Thanks for the fast reply! Did'nt expect that in the same day, i posted my request.
I tried the easiest thing, i know - print hello world and it does not work. Not in the terminal, not as a file.
@Linux-SWAT thanks! I will look into it ^^
@ClockworkCoder first of all i want to obtain the basic knowedge of programs, to be able to understand, how they work. I want to be able to write programs like a notification or notes stuff, that reminds me of things. I think, that should be doible with a minimum of skill. And i want to get to the programming level, that i can code a more complicated program by myself. Like a game engine.
Below i attach pictures of me trying to code on pandora. I searched for my file. I opened the terminal in the directory, but pandora does'nt want to understand my writing as a console order.


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You actually need to copy what i wrote above letter per letter.
Programming is all about giving EVERY LITTLE COMMA a meaning.
In this case, no game without ( ) and ".

Personally i dont think anyone should start programming on a pandora, its more of a hardcore mode.
Thanks! But i want it to learn on a portable device, due to my job and my limited free time. I tried, what you said, but it just does not work.


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Short intro:
Quotation marks are very important for code and often used.
When telling others what to write you need a way to signal what is part of the message and what is part of what belongs into the file, we cannot use quotation marks here since it is hard to read if we have a lot of them, for this reason i used _.
You are NOT supposed to copy _ too. Its:
print("hello world")
You are trying to call a function named print with the sentence "hello world".
Code works as follows: Name>action>data
The code _x=1_ expands to _something that has the name x is now identical to the data of a number 1_.
Now what you want is to call whatever has the name _print_, a call is made by parenthesis _()_ and the data is inside these, your data here is a so called string, that are letters that are NOT supposed to be interpreted by python.
A string must be in quotation marks _"hello world"_ is data, but _hello world_ are two names. These cannot interact with each other, for the interpreter its like forming sentences without verbs, thus syntax error.
I think the underscores in elw3's post were intended as emphasis, but weren't interpreted by the bbcode engine properly. Your firstpythonentry file should look like
print("hello world")

If that doesn't work, remove the brackets. The Pandora may well be still using python 2 where the convention was to use print as a statement rather than a function.

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Yeah I think the Pandora only has Python 2, there may be a version of Python 3 bundled with codeblocks or wxpython PND,, but not 100% though.