Socom Psp Question


Jul 12, 2004
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if i get this imported from canada....

will i be able to play against people in the uk (im in the uk) with my u.s copy of socom or will it not let me see them?
sucks if this is so :-(
I'd imagine it's hard to say...

With an online version of the game it SHOULD be capable of playing anyone else you meet online with the same copy so if other people in the UK have it you're all set... but does Europe have Socom at all even on PS2? Being a very U.S. military focused game it makes me wonder (not that you don't get most military FPS games anyway it just seems a special case to me). If the UK isn't even getting the PSP version it'd be a moot point.

If you ARE getting Socom then they'd have to split the UK game matching into a different server if the game ended up being that different (I suppose this also depends on if matching even requires a server. I dunno, I dont have the game.)
yeah uk gets socom games on ps2 and its out on psp in march but its cheaper to get it from the u.s including postage than to wait here and pay £40 when i could import it for £25/£30 and get it earlier. think im gonna get it anyway :-D as long as its decent, just gotta read up on it a little more.