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Aug 10, 2006
Boston, MA USA
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I used to read books on my laptop all the time. Went through about 40 books. It took a while, but I found the ideal reader for me. It was a scrolling reader that you could adjust the rate with key strokes. Usually I had the rate set perfectly so I could literally sit back and read handsfree for an hour or more. If I found myself picking up the pace, I could tap a key once or two to match the app to my eyes. As I got tired and slowed down, a simple tap would bring it down a bit. And it was based on characters per second, so if you increased of decreased the font size, it would adjust for you.

The most brilliant thing about this particular reader was its smooth scrolling. First it did an excellent job anti-aliasing the fonts, then it rendered them on screen in a way that was glass smooth, not at all choppy.

This guy spent a lot of time on that

The "ask" would be a variably scrolling text reader. The "dream" would be something remotely like Ice Reader in terms of features, and smoothness.

An idea anyhow
that is the smartest thing i ever seen !!! me wants it bad on the gp2x (oldschool lcd fonts on it would rock)
and if it could scroll sideways it would be nice like those infomercial lcd,s at the metro
i've never used an e-book reader but one that did what you speak of may draw me to download it.

I almost never buy non-game software (usually use freeware or corp licenses). Ice Reader is the only software I've registered in like 5 years. I don't use it now so much, because I usually do books on MP3 in the car and the plane. I think the best ebook readers are variably scrolling. Vertical would be awesome too.

The guy who did this has some other cool apps, some free. Worth a look. (no affiliation)
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