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Aug 10, 2007
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Hi all :)

I have compiled Ulric Eriksson's Siag Office on the Pandora !


Siag Office is a tightly integrated, free office package. It consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW, the animation program Egon, the text editor XedPlus, the file manager Xfiler and the previewer Gvu.

Grab it on the Repo while it's hot:

New in build #1

- Ulric Eriksson's Siag Office 3.6.1
- Mandatory dependencies neXtaw 0.15.1 and Mowitz 0.3.1 are also bundled
- Compiled with @ptitSeb 's latest beta Code::Blocks
- Borrowed multi applications PXML from @ptitSeb 's Yabause package
- Source code is inside the package

Known issues:

- Egon segfaults (help appreciated)
- Documentation is missing (fixed in build #2)
- License information is missing (fixed in build #2)
- Xfiler is showing up in the wrong category (typo) (fixed in build #2)

To Do List:

- Better integrate with XFCE (calculator is gcalctool, etc...)
- Replace default internal help viewer with Links (done, will go in build #3 ?)
- Setting SIAGHELP to "links -g" didn't work...
- Add some plugins ?
- Recompile with support for extension languages ? (Python, Ruby, etc...)

Cheers, Magic Sam
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