Selling: Gp32 Flu, 2x128 Smc, Card Reader, 4 Games


Still Fresh
Apr 25, 2004
I'm selling my hardly used GP32 FLU, because I've bought a Zodiac. It's in excellent condition. The top glass had some scratches, but I replaced it with a replacement screen from It's free of scratches now.

The parcel contains this:
* GP32 FLU
* Original box
* English user manual
* USB cable
* 2x 128 MB Smartmedia Cards (total: 256 MB)
* Dane-Elec SMC reader/writer
* 4 games: Kimchi Man, Tomak: Save the world Again, Pinball Dreams and Little Wizard

I made three pictures of my GP32: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3.

I'll ship worldwide.

My price: 199 Euros ($249)

I accept PayPal and bank transfer.

Please send me a message if you would like to buy my GP32 FLU (PM or to mail address:

Thank you.

(Now on eBay as well:
If you think it's too expensive, just send me the price you would like to bid. :)