SD Cards not recognized

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Dec 19, 2012
Cái Bang

This is probably a very simple situation and I'm missing something horribly obvious but I'm having a devil of a time.

I received my Pandora today, went through the quick start guide, looked at the new user threads. My Pandora does not seem able to see the SD cards through the file system or the sd mass storage option. I downloaded the SD formatter utility and formatted them, put in the menu structure of pandora/apps pandora/appdata pandora/menu pandora/desktop. I searched through the forums for issues with SD cards, saw that one solution was to reseat the battery when someone was having a similar problem but that unfortunately didn't help. I've rebooted fully.

When I insert the cards I see the little green light on the right flicker, but nothing comes up. On the cards in the apps directory I have pndmanager, midori, vlc, and the codecpack and it doesn't come up. Went to system/sd card mass storage, ran that and it does not see the cards.

Am I missing something terribly obvious or is this a bit weird?
I had the same problem with my 2 64GB SDXC PNY cards.  I tried the Panasonic SD formatter but it always picked the exFAT automatically.  So I googled some more and found this FAT32 Format program some guy made and it's work like a charm!!! Very easy to use.  Here's the link: