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Mar 10, 2004
sunbury, victoria, australia
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hey, i jst burned sum saturn iso's and tried to play them, but my jap saturn doesnt boot up!! it powers on with the green led, but the is no sound(comming from the system, wizzing ect.) and the disk doent spin!! i booted my pal saturn and it booted up mmx3 pal original normally. but heres the thing... i dont know if my jap saturn is moded or not coz i got it from a fle market with a game. the game was clickwork knight jap, but its a burned copy, but its wierd. it works, and so do my other burned games from the phillipines. i opened my jsaturn to see if any thing was out of place and there is a red wire loose(unconneted) and there is sum weird chip in it..mod chip perhaps?? the red wire is connected to the chip. now ive come here to ask were the red wire connects to??
oh, and the chips ribbon is disconneted so u could se it better!
sorry if it sounds a bit wierd, but im panacking abd typing as quikly as i can!!
heres sum pics in a zip file