Pandora Run a pnd with a simple command

Yes, but as PNDs are not permanently mounted, one way to deal with that is to have a script on your path which mounts and starts the PND. E.g. put a vlc script in /usr/bin which boots up the PND.

I wonder if it's possible to tweak fstab so that it would mount media by uuid or by label on Pandora?

It certainly is possible with my desktop Linux, it actually is it's default behavior. I run my OS from an SD card and the left slot is always busy, so mmcblk1p1 is (semi)persistent device for the right SD card. Any manual on editing fstab from whatever distribution's wiki should do, given that you don't touch the records which are already there. I set up a separate /home and swap partitions for myself real easy.

It's maybe a little bit too geeky, but once you 'introduced' your cards to OS, they are all mounted where you defined them to.
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