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Jan 15, 2004
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A long time ago I was working on converting the original Rise Of The Triad music, which was in Midi format, to a wav-format so I could play it on non-midi players.
To get the sound right I played with a lot of ways you could get the sound just how I liked it, but in the end my hard-drive broke and I dropped this project as I lost all my files including the audio tools I used, etc.
But I did have some files backed-up over different back-up drives and I just found some old ones which I think I never shared.

The headset I used then was really crappy so it's sometimes hard to listen to the mixing I did, but I can't change that anymore.
I compared one original .wav to the .ogg and it sound like it doesn't have these 'clipping' artifacts though.

Some I recovered earlier are on my youtube channel:

The attached file(s) are in .ogg format, zipped as I can't upload them in ogg format directly.


  • 14 - Smoke and Mirrors.zip
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  • 22 - Adagio for Strings and Organ.zip
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  • 25 - CCCool.zip
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Wow, that's a good soundbank you got there...
I did use giant soundfonts in LMMS for the time (it was 2010 or earlier) they were something like 2GB+ in total. My AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ really struggled with these songs.
But the biggest change was replacing some tracks with guitar and bass tracks and those are run thru an amp. Then mix all tracks back into a single song.
It does show the power of Midi, you just describe the music and the digital orchestra/band plays the song. If they are really good the music sound great to.
If the power of vst plugins was part of every Midi capable player the possibilities are probably endless. Only vocals would be missing, but generating those might be possible to nowadays.
Some more music.
04 - God Rest Ye, Deadly Gentlemen: This mix has some clipping due to massive spike in mass of instruments.
07 - How'd I Do: This song ends abruptly.

And a spoiler: 33 - Victory!, this is the music you would hear after killing Snake Oscuro (after he tells you to eat your veggies) when you completed the game. Ah, the sweet memories.


  • 07 - How'd I Do.zip
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  • 04 - God Rest Ye, Deadly Gentlemen.zip
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  • 33 - Victory!.zip
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  • 18 - Chant.zip
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I also have some original .wav files including the one from the video in the first post. These are obviously much bigger as they don't compress well.


  • 11 - Going Down The Fast Way.zip
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  • 21 - Kiss Off.zip
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  • 29 - Where Izit.zip
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