Hardware Retrode 2 Question


Jun 1, 2024
Came here because apparantly the original retrode forum seems to be overwhelmed with spammers currently,

Bought a retrode 2 not too long ago because you know snes batteries get old and need replacement, but at the place where they can do replacements, they wouldn't do savegame backups so far, so i had decided to get myself a retrode 2 and thus did, however, upon reading the snes cartridge, everything seems fine, the rom and the sram file show up, however, when copied to the PC and tried with an emulator, the emulator refuses to recognize the savefile so far, i've read that for example emulators and original devices read memory differently and so then that becomes a problem regarding this situation, at this moment, i wouldn't know if putting the SRAM back on the cartridge after a reset, is still gonna guarantee a readable savefile, my question here is, can someone help me out verifying the savefiles actually work before the SNES-Cartridge is being sent for battery restoration?

Thanks for taking the time to read the question.