Poor Tv-out Quality


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Oct 31, 2006
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I Have myself here a new GP2X and a BOB. Everything is great apart from movie playing via the TV-Out.

The quality is very poor with wavy lines etc. The films play fine on the GP2X screen. Games seem ok on the TV-Out.

Any ideas whats going on?
There may be an interference problem, but when you said that games seem ok that made me have doubts.

To combat interference, you can try moving the GP2X, BoB, and cables to different locations usually trying to stay away from electrical equipment. Also, try turning off other electrical equipment and unplugging the cable from the TV set.

Again, interference may not be your problem, but it is something to try if you can't come up with any other possibilities.
Version 2.0

I have tried the interferance thing, no luck.

I have noticed now however it appears in the main menu and the games too :(

Is everyone elses TV-Out nice and clear?
Yeah I'm running Firmware 2.0 and the current TV Out cable, and it looks good. However, the movies are not 100%, since I encoded them to be small in file size. But they don't have any lines, and the games look flawless :)

Where did you buy the cable, it could be that, you bought one of the old tv out cables off eBay or outdated retailer.