Pandora T-Shirts


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Jun 9, 2012
I remember a thread about pandora merchandise. So I thought there is a general interest.

This interest could also help to shrink the preorder queue. It should be easy to make a profit around 10 EUR per shirt (by using direct silkscreening as method). I could not estimate if this thought is worth thinking about, but fanboys (like me) love t-shirts.

Perhaps T-Shirts would be also nice for all the donators. On a side effect every worn Shirts is advertising and/or a conversation starter ;-)

Finally I had some time visualize some specific ideas.

The first one is based on a graphic from Boolean:

As the pandy is a pocketable I realized a pocket tee would be cool. The design itself works also on normal (black) tee.

The second one let me think of o sole mio. Somehow. The dispaly shows "two months". Silly, but it would be so small to pass as a easter egg... In the graphic I used a ringer tee. For old school reasons, I guess. I just couldn't decide if the "open pandora" should be written horizontally or not.

What do you think? Do you have some shirt ideas buzzing around?

Pandora Logo PT.jpg

Pandora Logo T.jpg
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I'll take one of each.....seriously.

No copyright infringements from the late great Luciano Pavarrotti ?
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Make a black a green one - old school terminal style
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Like it, fractal looking.

I agree a black/green would be a good look :)
I'll take one of each.....seriously.

No copyright infringements from the late great Luciano Pavarrotti ?
To be honest I Don't know. I made a b/w drawing of the guy and vectorized it. But maybe there is a problem of personality rights. I remember a german goal keeper on a fifa cover... so, until this is cleared I delete the regarding pics.

Well, I can get T-Shirts printed for a pretty good price, as I would buy masses of them. I love that fractal design as well. Maybe slap some website somewhere on it and it would be perfect. Who did that design? Would it be possible to get a vectorized version of it? Then I could take care about the shirt
In order to use the profits to help the preorder queue it would make sense that ED will sell the shirts, of course. Are you still interested ED? As F_Slim wrote there is something going on already.
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I like it and especially that Pandora is not mentioned as screaming text on the T-shirt. Personally I would even remove the light blue logo from the 2nd shirt. Would be interested to buy that one then. Not to have a Pandora T-shirt, I just like the T-shirt.