Pandora Order As An Investment

Sphinxter said:
He'll be back.

Yeah maybe for some of that pudding/baby food. You'd think with all the new robot parts a stronger stomach module could of been included. :)
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There wouldn't be a market for it because I can just go and order one from openpandora right now for the first batch. There are still plenty available. I'm not sure if its because they increased the output, or they have cancelled some of the pre-orders and are now trying to fill them.
Quite like this thought provoking topic. Is there a two month [in the] futures market?

Nation.A.List said:
craigix said:
I expect Pandoras to sell for more than the RRP on ebay for a while due to the fact there will be quite a gap between batch1 (the first 4000) and batch2.
Hopefully smaller than the gap between batch0 and batch1 :p

LOL - cuttting but very funny. Surely the gap will be the same two months (only the two months between 1 & 2 will be less than the 12 between 0&1)

Not a pleasant subject but I suggest we start a role call. If you have ordered and have not died waiting then add a post to this topic.
All those missing at time of shipping are not longer with us and Craig can cash the options on these and sell them on ebay for a profit.

may88 here! :)
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I'm still alive, and even if I pass on my Pandora has been left to my son in my will - so craig can't have it! Nerrr! ;)
We should stop referring to it as a preorder.

IMO we "commissioned" our Pandoras. We essentially paid for their creation.

This also gives me an excuse to link this:

cthulhu944 said:
This got me wondering... With as many as 3000 orders over the 11 months since the preorders were taken--has anyone died while waiting for their Pandora?

I was thinking the same thing about a few things, actually, like duke nukem forever, and yoshiki hayashi's "violet UK" album. Sadly we'll all die before DNF is made. =X
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