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Aug 14, 2003
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My neighbours are planning to erect an extension to their home which will block my view of the hills. I wasn't consulted, and planning permission has been granted. Where do I stand legally? Surely, I should have been involved as it will directly affect me, and ultimately the value of my home. Anyway, back on topic.. I can't get a hard-on, is [*I AM STUPID SPAMMER*] the way to go?
depends. usually in the uk, they have to put a notice up in a publicly visible spot (e.g. on the wall of their house) saying what they intend to do. actually, i think its the councils notice, but its there responsibility to put it up. If one of these wasnt around, you could object to the planning comitee?
I'm not sure I'd like the council the putting up a notice. I'm a little embarrassed, to be honest, as it's quite personal. Would it have a picture of me on it?
Just place your email address on a couple of websites and in some usenet posts and you'll quickly get several useful medication offers to help you out :)
:D They've already been sending me some, the helpful people. I was a little paranoid at first. How do they know??
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I burst out laughing when I this topic...

Try looking at old wrinkly ladies while simultaneously watching the weather channel.