Origin Stories (of your alias/moniker/pseudonym)

Nothing fancy also from me...but i have a request.
First the name... Farox is the initials of my real name Fabrizio Ro......plus added an x so it sounded better, but now that i think of it...how does it say my nick in english ?

Second the avatar....I change often my avatar, as i have not found a real good one, but now is an image that represent the two most enjoyed anime TVserie that i saw when i was young.
Goldrake (UFO Robot Goldrake) (UFO Robot Grendizer outside of Italy) and MazingaZ (MazingerZ)
"Don't Think, Feel and you'll be Tanasinn"
Its not necessarily a name, but a state of mind. A feeling of the surreal. Something not composed of thoughts [the logical] but of a subcon given a tangible feeling in conscious [ the metaphysical]
Interesting meme that grew out of 2ch back when the 'newtech' still needed the extra something from the golden years of the BBS. What we have now forums and the like replacing BBS in someways. [still fun to get some old tech and connect to older BBS spots]. In America, this name is seen like the Zalgo memetic [creepypasta] namely due to how no one can accurately explain what Tanasinn is.

To me, it feels like a suggestion to be more open to options rather than locked down in thoughts. A concept in Go that I am reminded of goes simply like this: "When in Doubt, Tenuki". If you are doubting, overthinking, a response from your opponent it is better to simply play in another location to feel out a different scenario. Hopefully, to open up a better position for attacks or to secure a earlier ignored area for tactical positioning. Some use this to push attention away from where they are stuck to buy more time to feel out the idea of a move rather than waste the energy to think up of a possible solution to their problems. And there, you can see how easy it is to view the concept as a way of life. Don't dig your current job? Look for other options. Red car or the Blue one? Think of one option, but always feel out other possibilities.

there's a whole wiki about this. But not truly to how i described it, however you will find some interesting music on the way.
pretty sure i stole inkling from another artist and i think of it two ways.

- a sprite or goblin that works in ink

i'm an artist(when i'm in the mood) and doodle primarily. i like finished work in ink.

- conotations of just getting an understanding about something

i feel like there is always more to understand about just about everything. (^^) this is good and bad, but if i get bored enough i have lots to do.

the avatar is the scout unit from disgaea. it resonated with me.
Frame Buffer nil=zero?
F_B with zero passengers?
First Blood part 0?
Free Beer... nope?
A political statement against FaceBook?
Is it a plane?
or any other backronym?

Find out right here, on the PandoraPyra-handheld forums!

It began a long time ago, when pokemon and smartphones did not exist (but stuff like this happened). Even mentos and cola had never been mixed together. As TFB, the Future Boy, my alias on the C64. I once froze with the (borrowed) final cartridge, compressed with cruel cruncher, and used stock text intros. When floppy disks are 2 weeks worth of your allowance, you make just one disk, and lend it out... of course... it never came back...
Then... more and more FutureBoy's started appearing on the internet, because of a certain Emmet L. Brown saying "future boy" in a certain movie.
So to stay unique with my nick, I had to either replace or add something. Thus mimicking FutureBoy Conan... and, like others were adding numbers to make their nicknames unique, like somebody123 or somebody777 and because zero is actually the first number in computers (for example the first element of an array is written as A[0] ) it became FBnil. Which was more interesting than FB0 or FBzero or FBdiet...

Wikipedia: Nil is a word commonly used to mean not in list or zero; it is one of several names for the number 0.

But just because I am lazy and did not want to write it all out, the nickname was not spelled out in full form.

Things I rediscovered looking myself up on the interwebs: Escape Goat game level I made!
There is a pastebin with the code fb = nil;
I seem to exist on Linked In!

As for the avatar, I need to switch back, but sinds it now contains a batman that states november (and it is not that month), I will change it in that month...
the "merry xmas" is a nod to the possibility of a Pyra for... let me elaborate:

The magi gave gifts to baby Jesus (and then went back to their semi by the sea), one of those gifts was: Commiphora myrrha... which kinda sounds like pyrrha....
now tradition of gifting is in January and according to German traditions, you need to write "DBP" with chalk on your door. DBP stands for Direct Buy Program, which most of use participated in, buying directly from the dragonshop.
Mine was given to me by a girl in grade 8. She was cute and I was ok with it.
I think James Blunt explained the semi as a semi-condo (see video). It is also double dutch for semi-erect (genital). So a semi by the sea can make you snicker (laugh).
As for the 3 magi: in the bible it never says they are three, they could have been more. It doesnt mention their names either, this then expanded to different traditions...
And I mixed (up intentionally) a lot of things, so take my writing with a pinch of salt.
There are true things: In Catholic parts of the German-speaking world, these markings are made by the "Sternsinger" (literally, "star singers") – a group of three elementary school children dressed up as the magi.
There are untrue things (T1000 send back to the year 33 AD to save Jehoshua, who has been targeted for elimination. Come with me if you want to live.), just added in to make it funny.
As for the Gold, well, only @ingoreis has one. Frankincense is kinda like smoke. Add some mirrors and you have smoke and mirrors.
It's all about the game, da game, dgame

Avatar is from Double Dragon (arcade & air-cooled Volkswagen fan)
I've had a history of feminine sounding nicknames.
I'm also 'Away with the Faeries' 90% of the time.
I also regard / experience my true/spiritual form to be 'Mouse-like'
My current human name starts with an M
for a long time I had been getting a vision of a big X when I closed my eyes... the meaning of which I have pondered muchly... currently I regard it as the mirror reflection of the potential to the actual, the seen to the unseen, the higher to the lower, the spiritual to the physical, as without so within, the inversion of principles at the crossing point... what happens when you pass through a singularity.... X marks the spot... where Truth is - where I Am.... no'thing'ness.

Faerie M in X

a minx is also:
an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman.

I don't know about the flirtatious part except that I *BOLDLY FLIRT WITH INSANITY* :D
During the old days when palm was a thing, I was member of the emulation community on palm. So the later part of my nick come from the Palm T3 I owned back then.
the seb part is the short version of my 1st name : Sébastien.
I kept this nick here because some member might remember me (Jeff I'm looking at you here :p)
Indeed boring story :p

EDIT: the avatar is because I'm mouthfull :p
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I honestly don't know how I came up with "gadgetoid", but the sad story behind it stems from the site I ran waaaaay back in the day- GamingHeadlines.co.uk.

Well- I'd started GamingHeadlines after working on a whole bunch of different games review sites, doing graphics, reviewing the terrible games, etc and I decided I could take the reins and run my own show. I had a partner I worked on it with (formally of Playstation Ultra), who I knew and still know only as Ramzy... he somehow sent me games, and I trusted him, but I never really knew much about him, and he didn't seem to exist in any tangible sense.

One day things were ticking over happily, and the next I find out Ramzy had sold the GamingHeadlines.co.uk domain- which he owned and had access to. Not only this, but he'd given over the FTP details and allowed the purchaser to buy the *whole site*.

Cue purchaser downloading entire contents of my FTP server, with tons of side projects, family websites, family pictures, etc- gah!

Well, suffice to say I switched over to GamingHeadlinesUK.com and kept on running, but the blow was *huge* and the site never recovered in traffic, or morale. I wrote for a few other review websites including Clockerz and Elektrik (or something like that) for a while, and bought Gadgetoid.com as a little hub to store links to, and summaries of all the articles I'd written.

Kinda snowballed from there, I guess! And now that's who I am.

My other moniker @WoD is decidedly less glamorous. I just used the name "WraithOfDark" in neverwinter nights once, and for some reason it stuck and became an email account, IRC handle and a whole bunch of other stuff. I've mostly left it to the wayside- a hallmark of an older, more naive me!
mine was induced by an over consumption of alcohol concatenated with my favourite quote.
many moons ago i used to work with and was friends with a couple of Greek brothers. one of the brothers name was Spiro, and the other tounge in cheek used the name Spic. In Australia this is sort of an ethnic slur but when the guy uses it himself then ??
anyway back to the alcohol..... one weekend at a BBQ after a few Jim Beams it was decided that i needed a nickname starting with S to "fit in"with Spiro and Spic... As my heritage is Irish and English a few drinks later i was christened Spud.
now as this is a commonly used name i had to add to it . What better than "the meaning of life the universe and everything" ? 42 (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy : Douglas Adams)
so spud42 was born and i have been using it on every forum and website i join..