OPKG broken or package not supported?


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Feb 1, 2014

I bought my pandora Saturday at FOSDEM14 and after quite a few hours of trouble getting it running (apparently the way and the order of how you prepare and format a 64GB microSDXC plays an important role), I'm quite pleased with it and it runs really smooth.

However I came upon a problem while trying to install kismet, airmon and aircrack. opkg always gives me the error that it can't be installed:

pandoras-box:~$ sudo opkg -V 2 install kismet-client kismet-drone kismet-server
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/arch.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch all priority (1)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch any priority (6)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch noarch priority (11)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch arm priority (16)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv4 priority (21)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv4t priority (26)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv5te priority (31)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv6 priority (36)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv7 priority (41)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch armv7a priority (46)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Supported arch omap3-pandora priority (51)
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/base-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/debug-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/gstreamer-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/noarch-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/openpandora.org-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/opkg.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/perl-feed.conf.
opkg_conf_parse_file: Loading conf file /etc/opkg/python-feed.conf.
pkg_info_preinstall_check: Updating file owner list.
opkg_configure_packages: Configuring unpacked packages.
opkg_configure_packages: Reordering packages before configuring them...
Collected errors:
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kismet-client.
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kismet-drone.
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kismet-server.

Now I'm not a big Linux expert, but I think there could be a few reasons such as:

  • no proper adaptation/port for those packages/dependencies to the armv7 (although it works on a Pi...)
  • Blocked by superzaxxon, or not whitelisted (due to compatibility issues or other)
  • opkg tries to install it on the internal storage and not on the SD card, running out of storage room when "reordering packages" (-V 3 doesn't give me anything clearer)
If anybody can help me out that would be perfect. I think it's doable to install it as I saw someone in the german forum of GP2X post about a problem with kismet related to a hardware problem, implying he had installed kismet succesfully already.

Disclaimer: I've read the rules and am aware that this can be considered illegal, but I'm trying to get this running as we are using Pis to do as much penetration testing as possible to see how "safe" our environment is (Luxembourg in this case), and do not intend to cause any harm. I think a Pandora is even better for such a task as it already has drivers for our WLan cards, small, has a long battery life, and is a stand-alone portable computer unlike the Pi. 

Discussing a newb/configuration problem here also shouldn't be illegal as it should be protected by the right of information, but I understand and support an admin deleting this thread in order to keep this forum, ED, and/or the community safe.


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Oct 6, 2008
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It probably can't install those packages because they don't exist in the Pandora repository that opkg is pointed at by default.  It used to be the case that opkg was configured to look in the main angstrom repo, and some instructions on the wiki and elsewhere refer to packages in that repository.  You can configure that repo back in, but it's a little risky as the Pandora OS and Angstrom have diverged a little, and you may end up blowing the NAND storage budget by installing too many dependencies, and breaking certain pandora-specific tweaks.

A better solution, as suggested above, is to install a more updated OS to an SD card and run that.


Still Fresh
Feb 1, 2014
I set up Slackware, but due to a lot of things not working I changed back to supersaxxon and installed Pandebian, which works great so far. Unfortunately kismet is the only package in the source list of apt-get so I'm trying to compile the aircrack suite right now.