Not Your Typical Brick Inquiry...


Still Fresh
Nov 3, 2010
Alright. So first off as the title suggests my Wiz bricked, of course during a firmware upgrade. Now I had the bloody thing a whole day before someone on another forum told me I should update the firmware since PSX4ALL was running funny. As I proceeded to do so, the thing locked up and sat like that for about 6 hours before I decided to just reboot it and start again. Well now it will turn on but the screen is blank.

I've read just about all the stuff I could find, but most of the people were using linux or terms I didn't understand.

What I am requesting is at least one of the following things:
a) a step by step (with pics) tutorial on how to make my own serial cable
B) A way to make the provided usb cable work like a serial cable on Windows 7
c) someone in the florida area willing to repair the thing for me

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be EXTREMELY appreciated.
Thank you in return.

PS already tried contacting AS and they said there was nothing they could do....
If you see the boot (WIZ) orange screen, then you can recover reinstalling the firmware. If you see a black screen and the power light (blue) is on, then your Wiz is bricked. Recover a bricked Wiz is a difficult process and you need to make have a special cable. Here you are the document, step by step, with photos and software: Unbrick your wiz.
A yes... I have read that so many times... The problem in it lies in the fact that when it talks about pins and such I am absolutely clueless. Those instructions don't show me enough pictures or give me enough information to really make the cable.

Perhaps you could point me in the direction of where to purchase a breakout box and help me on how its used?